Developing the next generation of biotherapeutics

Affimer therapeutics are a novel class of small (14kDa) proteins based on the naturally occurring human protease inhibitor Stefin A. 
Affimer binders are generated by varying 18 amino acids introduced into two loops in the scaffold sequence, creating libraries containing up to 10 billion individual Affimer sequences which may be screened to find binders to particular targets using phage display.
The simple structure of Affimer proteins means that they can be formatted easily to deliver the right characteristics for different therapeutic applications such as inhibitors or agonists. They can be fused to create multi-specific molecules such as bispecifics and biparatopics, and they can be modified to carry a toxin to create a novel class of drug conjugates. Affimer proteins can also be expressed within a cell to target intracellular pathways. The simple structure of Affimer proteins also means that manufacturing is straightforward in bacterial and mammalian expression systems. 
Avacta is developing Affimer therapeutics both in-house and with partners. Avacta’s in-house focus is on immuno-oncology with an emphasis on leveraging the technical benefits of Affimers to create differentiated T-cell engagers and agonists for licensing. With partners Avacta is working towards proof-of-concept in CAR-T, drug conjugates and gene delivery.
Avacta is actively seeking partnerships and licensing opportunities. Contact us to make an enquiry. 

Therapeutics Key Benefits

Affimer biotherapeutics have a number of essential advantages over other technologies.

Therapeutic Applications

Affimer biotherapeutics an be developed for a range of applications


Avacta has a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical pipeline of Affimer therapeutic candidates for in-house and partnering programmes.