Our new application note outlines our established development and characterisation process for Affimer binders to four of the leading therapeutic antibodies- Trastuzumab, Rituximab, Adalimumab and Ipilimumab- for use as PK assay reagents.

Our new application note details Covance’s validation to regulatory standards of an anti-idiotypic Affimer binder to Trastuzumab as part of a bioanalytical assay.

Our new study highlights the development and validation of trastuzumab specific anti-idiotypic Affimer binders within a pharmacokinetic assay.

In a new study we have applied Affimer technology to improve the specificity and sensitivity of a key diagnostic assay for the multi-antibiotic resistant Clostridium difficile.

Avacta's unique technology enables Affimer affinity resins to be developed to a range of molecules for affinity purification purposes.

We have developed Affimers to a recombinant form of the Zika virus NS1 protein that is diagnostic of Zika infection at the early, acute phase. In just 16 weeks we generated specific Affimer binders to this challenging target, and have demonstrated their effectiveness in ELISA/immunoassay format for specific detection of the Zika NS1 antigen at clinically relevant concentrations.