Reagents & Diagnostics Partnerships

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Avacta is currently working with a wide range of organisations worldwide in order to exploit the potential of Affimer technology in diagnostics, research, bioprocessing and other applications. 

Advantages of Affimer molecules include:

  • High affinity Affimer reagents can be developed in just 12 weeks using an animal-free in-vitro process.
  • High specificity can be achieved for difficult targets or epitopes such as protein complexes, monoclonal antibody CDRs and allosteric conformation variants.
  • Batch-to-batch consistency and security of supply.
  • High yield microbial manufacturing process ensures cost effective scalable and reliable reagent supply..

Avacta works with partners on Affimer reagent development programs in a variety of ways to suit partner requirements - from fee-for-service custom Affimer projectsthrough co-development collaborations and full strategic partnerships where the Affimer platform may be licensed in defined markets or applications.

Current Publicly Disclosed Partnerships

Scientists from leading CRO, Covance, validated the use of Affimer reagents as critical assay reagents to meet regulatory guidelines for clinical ligand binding assays - detecting and quantifying the cancer drug Trastuzumab within standard and disease matrix.

Avacta has partnered with Mologic - a specialist diagnostic development company - to develop diagnostic tests against multiple targets of clinical interest for point of care (POC) testing, using Avacta’s Affimer technology.

Avacta is working with New England Biolabs® (NEB®) (Ipswich MA, USA), a global leader in the discovery and production of enzymes for molecular biology applications, to develop Affimers to inhibit certain NEB proprietary enzymes to provide modulation of their activity in response to temperature.  Unlike alternative enzyme inhibitors, Affimers can be fine-tuned to switch at the right temperature without having a negative effect on the overall assay performance.

For further information about working with Avacta to develop powerful Affimer research and diagnostic tools please contact us at