Current Partners

Who we're working with
We work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations to exploit the therapeutic potential of Affimer® technology. Due to the versatility of the Affimer scaffold we are able to provide powerful reagents for diagnostics and research, and can use Affimer technology in several pharmacological roles.

Moderna logo
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.
Moderna has secured exclusive access to Affimer biotherapeutics against certain targets which may be extended to include additional targets. They have the option to enter into exclusive license agreements for selected therapeutic Affimer candidates for clinical development. For more information, read the news release.


Mologic logo

Avacta has partnered with Mologic - a specialist diagnostic development company - to develop diagnostic tests against multiple targets of clinical interest for point of care (POC) testing, using Avacta’s Affimer technology.


Avacta has partnered with Glythera, the developer of advanced, stable conjugation chemistries and novel, ultra-potent toxin payloads, to evaluate the use of Glythera’s PermaLink™ conjugation chemistry in combination with Affimer® technology with the aim of developing a new class of highly targeted bio-therapeutics as a superior alternative to the established class of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).


Blueberry Therapeutics logo
Blueberry Therapeutics
Avacta has a licensing agreement with UK biotechnology company, Blueberry Therapeutics, to use Affimer technology in the development of new therapies for the treatment of drug resistant bacterial infection.


Phoremost logo
PhoreMost is a Cambridge, UK based drug discovery company aiming to discover new druggable targets and therapies in cancer, and other unmet diseases, using its novel SiteSeeker technology. SiteSeeker can rapidly identify unexpected or hidden drug targets that cannot be found readily by conventional methods. It requires a large library of binding proteins to be introduced into cells to carry out a phenotypic screen. Affimer technology is ideal for this due to it's small size, simple structure and lack of disulphide bridges, meaning an Affimer can be easily produced within the cell.

ProtatOnce logo

Avacta has partnered with ProtATonce - an approved Luminex partner - to evaluate Affimer technology as affinity reagents in the Luminex platform. This partnership has subsequently demonstrated the first use of Affimer technology in assays on the market leading Luminex platform. 


Affimer binders for Zika Diagnostics

Avacta has identified three Affimer proteins capable of binding to a recombinant form of a secreted Zika virus NS1 protein, which is diagnostic of Zika virus infection at the early, acute stage

PD-L1 Case Study

This case study outlines Affimer technology for the generation of cancer immune checkpoint inhibitors, to demonstrate the rapid identification of a number of biotherapeutic candidate molecules.