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Affimer are licensable
Avacta is currently collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotech organisations worldwide in order to exploit the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of Affimer technology.  Advantages include:

  • Fully human version of the Affimer scaffold available
  • Quick development time, only weeks to generate lead molecules
  • Highly specific and able to detect single amino acid differences
  • Known to function inside cells, opening up intracellular targets
  • Half-life can be tailored to suit
  • Low cost high yield microbial manufacture

Affimer Drug Discovery Collaborations

Avacta is willing to collaborate on Affimer drug discovery programs in a variety of ways to suit partner requirements, from fully funded fee-for-service R&D projects through co-development collaborations and full strategic partnerships where the Affimer platform may be used to exploit several targets as part of a multi-year program.  Affimer therapeutics may also be used as targeting molecules for drug conjugate therapies and they can easily be linked together, genetically or chemically, to form multi-specifics.  Without half-life extension they also show promise as in vivo imaging tools for companion diagnostics.
Avacta has multiple assets which target common immune checkpoints and is actively seeking partners who would like to in-license a programme or further develop those assets in through collaboration.  Please contact us to discuss how we can work with you. 

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Avacta has a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical pipeline of Affimer therapeutic candidates for in-house and partnering programmes.