Chief Executive Officer’s Welcome

Welcome to Avacta’s web site for shareholders and investors
"Our mission is to shape the future of medicine by developing safe and efficacious drugs based on our proprietary Affimer® platform and by providing powerful reagents for research and diagnostics.

Clear communication of our corporate objectives and keeping our shareholders up to date with progress, as well as informing potential new investors about the investment opportunity, is at the core of our communications programme.  I hope you find the information you are looking for and welcome any feedback."


Company Overview

Avacta therapeutics site Cambridge
Avacta is a pre-clinical biotech with a disruptive platform called Affimer® technology, that has been developed as an alternative to antibodies.

Antibodies dominate drug, diagnostic and research markets worth in excess of $100bn despite some significant technical and commercial limitations.

Affimer proteins recognise, and capture or block, a target molecule in the same way that an antibody does, but with some significant benefits.


Generate significant long-term value by growing a pipeline of Affimer drug candidates, primarily in immuno-oncology for licensing to large pharma. Additionally, continuing to build a profitable Affimer reagents business in the medium-term by licensing Affimer molecules to developers of diagnostics and research tools.

Investment Proposition

As a proven platform technology able to address multiple markets, the downside risk for Affimers is low, with significant potential as the Group builds a pipeline of valuable drug assets for development and licensing.

  • Building a pipeline of Affimer drugs for immuno-oncology for licensing and development.
  • Early revenues from non-therapeutic markets and a balance sheet to support existing plans.
  • Excellent technical and commercial progress made in both parts of the business substantially de-risking the opportunity.
  • Drug development collaborations with Moderna, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Glythera are progressing well.
  • Aiming to be ready for first-in-man trials in 2019 with lead progamme, a PD-L1 inhibitor.
  • Low down-side risk of reagents business unit with significant therapeutic up-side.
  • Experienced management team with interests aligned to shareholders.

Key Objectives 2017-2019

  • Grow the in-house Affimer drug pipeline with data to support licensing.
  • Moderna to take Affimer molecules into its clinical development pipeline.
  • Secure additional major therapeutic partnerships and licensing deals.
  • Demonstrate safety and tolerability of the platform by progressing the first Affimer into the clinic, aiming for first-in-man trials late in 2019.
  • Continue to grow revenue and convert on-going Affimer diagnostics and reagents evaluations into multiple license deals that will deliver long term royalties and a profitable Affimer reagents business unit.

For more information, download the presentation Introduction to Avacta and the Affimer® Platform or watch the video below.